Break 90 is a training and playing platform to allow the improving or stalled golfer to reach his or her full potential. Every player that has ever played the game has hit the scoring wall at one time or another in their golf journey, before moving on and reducing their handicap. To help Break 90, assesses each player individually and a simple to follow training plan is produced to help you reach your goal in 6x1 hour lessons all on course.

Here at break 90 we want to help you get the most from your game. You have spent the hours on the range, hitting balls, chipping and putting but you’re not scoring to your full potential that’s where we can help.

In order to reach the next level, game and course management is crucial. Ever wonder why the ball flies left to right off a side slope, or comes up short from an upslope. Or worse flies straight over the green from a downslope. These are all questions every golfer has asked at one time or another and you won’t find the answers on the range.

Using a mixture of launch technology and practical on course tuition it is possible to understand and improve you’re results. Giving you better scoring options on the course and that better handicap you deserve.

To find out more speak to Ehab at the desk or email: or call +201100140007 - Proshop +01020778221 - 01020776844

We look forward to seeing you.

D. Heston Hood

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